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SSAAS works with a number of industry and business specialist partners to enrich our service offering to you. Often these are at favourable terms and are tailored specifically to your requirement.

great{with}talent helps organisations increase levels of performance, employee engagement, and reduce staff turnover. We achieve this through a unique range of customisable services that focus specifically on engagement and retention. ‘Person-organisation-fit’ is central to our philosophy, and our approach focuses on understanding how individuals and organisations interact.

Olswang offers advice to early stage companies on a broad range of IP matters, covering the procurement, exploitation and enforcement of IP rights, internationally. This includes advising on the preparation, and prosecution of UK, European and international patent applications, designs, trade marks, know how and copyright issues.

Uniquely in the market, sell IT better provides innovative services to IT software & services companies, helping them win more business by giving them informed product positioning (i.e. who has the problem and who else is involved) and effective communication (how do I reach them and what are the processes)… and the vital customer insights only a buyer can.

Founded on decades of excellence, defining, building and executing the best analyst and influencer programmes the team at St Cross Group can help your business too. St Cross Group offer a range of services that are designed to protect and enhance your brand, increase your seller’s success by improving their knowledge and confidence, and improve your demand generation activities.


SSAAS works in collaboration with Way2Value to expand our capability to deliver sales growth and open new business development channels across Europe.


Pentangle has extensive experience with SMEs, Midsize and Enterprise IT departments, and can bring this to bear on your business with extreme care, professionalism, and pragmatism.

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