Want your disruptive technology to look more attractive to investors?

SSAAS provides the Human Capital investment required to generate market and customer growth which will attract the right financial investors for your early-stage company at the right time.

SSAAS offers Human Capital not Cash

To accelerate an early stage, disruptive technology company to the next stage of growth typically requires investment. Many automatically assume that this means cash. However, if accepted
too early, cash injections from Angel and Venture Capitalists can have a negative impact on the business. Possible outcomes are reduced Founder shareholder value, limited business strategy direction or insufficient access to the necessary additional resources required to move the business forward.


Attract the right investors at the right time.

SSAAS offers a mutual risk and reward model based on human capital investment. By making the right choices in personnel and skills the majority of your early-stage company’s development needs are addressed. You can rapidly develop your business growth strategy and channels to market to achieve the sales revenue success required to attract the right investors at the right time.

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Inject more revenue – Get your customers first

SSAAS’s team of experience business and technology professionals focus on generating more leads, customers and revenue.   We offer a complete range of services that are essential for an early-stage company to move to the next stage of expansion.

  • Strategic and Operational Involvement
  • Sales Execution and Business Development
  • Additional Specialist Services in Legal, Analyst Relations, Marketing, Talent Management and Finance.

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Instant expansion of your team, network and channels to market

Our CEO, Dave Berry, founded SSAAS in 2006 and has over 35 years’ experience in the software industry working with blue chip IT organisations and many software start ups, Dave has built up an impressive network of senior executives, investors and partners whom will all testify to his ability to build strong relationships and foster business development opportunities.

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SSAAS CEO and Founder, Dave Berry

Dave Berry, has 35 years’ experience in the software industry working with blue chip IT organisations and many software start ups. Arrange a call today to discuss the possibilities for your early-stage company.

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